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Suman attributes his Patience and Endurance to Martial arts. He is known for his famous stunts in movies, which got him the title of an Action Hero, due to his martial arts background. His film career was thanks to Martial arts, as his potential to be different and trend setting, was noticed by his producer in a Dojo (School), where Suman was teaching Karate.

A Black Belt 1st Dan in karate, from Shotokan Karate Association (affiliated to Japan Karate Association), Suman, is the Chairman of the Andhra Pradesh Karate Association. Suman takes an active part in all demonstrations and promotions, in Andhra Pradesh, to popularize martial arts as an effective way of striking a perfect balance, mentally and physically, to defend one's self, with harmony, patience and restraint.Sumun Budokan Karate Association is an extention of his involvement in promoting Martial Arts.